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Teaching and learning

At Indooroopilly State School, all teaching and learning is underpinned by Curiosity and Powerful Learning’s ten Theories of Action.

The two main goals of C&PL are to:

  • Create literate, numerate and curious students
  •  Reduce variability between classrooms

To achieve these goals, our year level teaching teams meet with the Head of Curriculum and Master Teacher regularly to develop a deep understanding of the Australian Curriculum and the achievement standards for their students.

Theories of Action:

Prioritise High Expectations & Authentic Relationships

WHEN schools and teachers prioritise high expectations and authentic relationships

THEN curiosity will flourish

Emphasise Inquiry Focused Teaching

WHEN inquiry is a defining characteristic of a school’s culture

THEN the level of student achievement and curiosity will increase

We encourage an inquiry stance in our teaching and learning through the use of:

  • Big questions and provocation
  • Wonder Walls
  • Incursions and Excursions
  • Museum loans

Adopt Consistent Teaching Protocols

WHEN we adopt consistent teaching protocols

THEN student behaviour, engagement, learning and curiosity will be enhanced

Adopt Consistent Learning Protocols

WHEN we adopt consistent learning protocols in all classes

THEN all students will experience an enhanced capacity to learn, and to develop skills, confidence and curiosity

As a school we have identified a list of learning behaviours and attitudes which we want our students to learn and live by:

  • Be Curious
  • Seek to Improve- know more and show you know more
  • Demonstrate Understanding- don’t just complete tasks and Communicate your Learning
  • Employ Effort- work hard to understand-pay attention, discuss, question, THINK
  • Thoughtfully ask and answer questions
  • Take Risks and Value Mistakes -get things wrong, celebrate these opportunities to learn
  • Take responsibility for your learning
  • Be determined- show grit/persistence; find ways around road blocks
  •  Find Balance

Harness Learning Intentions, Narrative & Pace

WHEN we harness learning intentions, narrative and pace so students are more secure about their learning and more willing to take risks

THEN achievement and understanding will increase and curiosity will be enhanced

Set Challenging Learning Tasks

WHEN learning tasks are purposeful, clearly defined, differentiated and challenging

THEN all students will experience powerful, progressive and precise learning

Frame Higher Order Questions

WHEN we systematically employ higher order questioning

THEN levels of student understanding will deepen and levels of achievement will increase

Connect Feedback to Data

WHEN we connect feedback to data about student actions and performances

THEN behaviour will be more positive, progress will accelerate, and curiosity will be enhance 

Commit to Assessment for Learning

WHEN we commit to peer assessment, and assessment for learning

THEN student engagement, learning, and achievement will accelerate

Implement Cooperative Groups

WHEN we implement cooperative group structures and techniques to mediate between whole class instruction and students carrying out tasks

THEN the academic performance of the whole class will increase